Accounting Allies You Need for Your Start-Up

Accounting Allies You Need for Your Start-Up

Accounting system plays a vital role in business start-up. If you are not an accounting professional, you are likely to perform poorly in accounting and bookkeeping system. Also, doing all accounting duties alone is not recommended especially when you want to plan growth strategies for your start-up (Also see Ways to Foster a Strong Accounting Team in Your Organisation). Here are top two most reliable allies you should have on your side.

An Expert Accountant

Are you shocked that we recommend an accountant? Well, engaging an accounting service in Johor Bahru does not mean that you have to hand over all your company’s financial activities and the entire accounting system (Also see The Weakness of Accounting System) to your accountant. You need to actively associate with your company books in the early days.

An expert accountant (Also see Common Myths About Accounting Profession) will assist you, particularly throughout tax time by preparing all the essential accounting records in time and precisely. Accounting professionals are normally equipped with important information relating to financial decisions and could give advice on the opportunity to seize and the financial pitfalls to prevent.

Your accounting professional would get a much better understanding of your organisation financial and could help you in strategic planning in your business.

A Lawyer

An attorney will not come to your company and begin recording the daily transactions, he or she will help with the foundation elements of your business such as the type of business entity to choose. Keep in mind that there are various type of businesses consisting of limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, partnership and more. Do not forget the tax implications and this reveals that there are accounting implications too.

Therefore, a capable lawyer is an essential early accounting ally. You have to seek advice from other businesses to obtain suggestions for a great lawyer as there are various law office that specialises in start-ups.


You could not be an island in today’s competitive business environment and expect that you could thrive. You need allies for a start-up. Contact any accounting services in Johor Bahru to have a reliable accounting partner.