Characteristics of Excellent Leaders

Characteristics of Excellent Leaders

As a leader, you have to be responsible for many things. What determines your impact as a leader is the performance of people that you lead. There are a lot of leaders around us, and the similarity between them is that people under their leadership look upon them as a guide. It means that people that go behind them think that they are worth following behind.

If you want to be an excellent leader, apply the actions below so that you can improve your leadership.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Most of the leaders want their staff to be responsible for what they have done. However, they seldom look at how they act. As a result, you may have a team that is flooded with dissatisfaction, and it is tough to transform such a situation back to being efficient.

To prevent such a situation from happening, leaders should keep to what they have said. If you wish your staff to give you their best performance, then you should give your best. If you criticise your team for the mistakes, such as double entry errors, they have made, admit your mistakes in front of them too. You are also a human and you may commit errors sometimes, like missing the tax filing deadline (Also see Are You Filling Your Self-Employed Income on Your Own?). Hence, if you do not want to turn people off, do not act as if you are flawless.

Specify Goals & Lead Towards Execution

Good leaders are ambitious, and they would define goals as something that should be completed. However, these targets are just pep talk, instead of efforts that they should put in. Excellent leaders do the same, yet, what differentiates them from good leaders is that they will take actions that help in accomplishing the goals. Setting huge goals will not be fulfilling unless you have achieved them. Hence, this shows the importance of hiring an accounting firm in Johor Bahru as this help you to have a good understanding about the financial condition of your company so that you can set appropriate goals.

This is crucial as you will see that many leaders are insightful, yet they are horrible when it comes to execution. The outstanding leaders know that people would determine their value by looking at what they have done. They apply strategies based on their condition from all perspectives, and they would try their best to get rid of any opportunities for failing.

Set Quality as the Standard

Excellent leaders are committed to high quality. They will think that people around them should set quality as a standard for themselves as mediocrity leads to failure. One ordinary individual that people would always look over him will have an impact on others in the same team. Thus, it is a must for leaders to analyse the performance of people in their team continuously so that they can eliminate those who are unable to fulfil the standards they have set, just like the Financial Reporting Standards (Also see FRS 1) that is meant to be complied.

Being acknowledged as a leader may be according to a variety of characteristics. An excellent leader can get the very best out of the people who follow him, inspire those under his leadership to think and perform more outstandingly. Anyone who is having responsibility or control of people can regard themselves as leaders. However, you are not a leader unless other individuals accept you as one.