Checklist on Ways To Select The Best Accounting Company In Johor Bahru

Ways To Select The Best Accounting Company In Johor Bahru

In Malaysia, opting for the most excellent accounting company to help you in statutory compliance may be treated as important as to choose a possible business collaborator (Also see Tips on How to Sort Out Your Chaotic Finances). An excellent accountant is part of your trusted workmate that offers immediate services with correct outcomes that are best for your company to be successful in the long run. When selecting an accounting firm, you must be extremely careful, particularly when you look for unique methods to monitor all profits and expenditures for your company.

There are a lot of accounting firms in Johor Bahru. The tips below are some recommendations to that can be used in selecting the most suitable company to collaborate with if you are seeking for one.


The importance of the location of the accounting company you select should not be underestimated. This is because if it is too distant, it may bring some disadvantages to your company when you need it to take care of your concerns readily. Before making the final decision, you should analyse how frequently you may need their accounting services, particularly the physical attendance of accounting professionals in your firm anytime. For that reason, to make sure that crucial appointments have the required quorum in your firm or theirs, the accounting company has to be near to you.

Usually, possessing your firm’s accountant situated within reach would be the best. However, as a lot of firms cooperating online nowadays prefer using cloud-based modern technology to handle their business, the importance of location has diminished. No matter where the place is, you can easily employ an accountant who may be far away from you, and you can utilise cloud accounting to look at same real-time details simultaneously.


Collaborating with a registered firm is vital since it shows that it has passed government quality control, and their services are considered dependable and excellent. Selecting a licenced accounting company implies that it follows the laws of the nation and pay tax as anticipated. Hence, check if the company you choose has a license consistently. Under the Accountants Act, it is a must for all entities which offer public accountancy solutions to sign up with SSM. However, if a company offers non-public accountancy solutions, for example, accounting or tax services, it does not have to sign up with SSM

Relevant Experience

You need to know the level to which the accounting company you selected has gathered experience so that you can enjoy the long-lasting correct service (Also see How Can Good Accountants Help in Growing Your Business and Reducing Your Expenses). You can quickly evaluate its experience depending on how long it has been operating as well as the profile of firms it has provided to related services to previously. The company has more experience if it has collaborated with more firms and vice versa. At the same time, ask for a customer listing that presents each firm’s gross profits and the number of workers. This assists you to analyse whether the growth and development of their clients’ firms are observed after using their services.

Your selected accounting company need to have sufficient experience in preparing tax returns as well as financial records for firms of comparable capacity and earnings to yours. You have an extra benefit if the accounting company has collaborated with firms in a similar market area to yours as it will know the particular requirements of your firm. To find out whether they are capable of dealing with the changing demands of your firm, always select the company that exceeds the experience of its equivalents in the Johor Bahru accounting companies.

The flexibility of the Accountants

Along with the responsiveness of accounting services in Johor Bahru, before you made up your mind to collaborate with them, it is crucial to ask the company on the flexibility of its accounting professionals (Also see Reasons of the Failure of Business). You need to review the schedule of the accounting company workers. Resilience substantially indicates that you may effortlessly reach them at any time when you make a call to their workplace. You may have some bookkeeping work completed on the weekend or have an inquiry that needs the attentiveness of the accountant at any moment of a day.

Hence, always make sure that the staff members you are collaborating with are accessible to respond to all your pending concerns immediately. Sometimes, you might opt for meeting your accountant in person and find it helpful to have somebody who can attend business conferences with you. If this is true, you’ll have to only look for accounting professionals who are doing their job near you or are keen on visiting your firm occasionally.


In short, ensure to comply with the above pointers to assist you in picking the best accounting company to employ for the accounting services before you decide on an accountant (Also see How an Accountant and a Financial Planner Differs).

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